Senin, 29 Mei 2017


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Ladies and gentlemen,

First, let us pray toward gratitude for all the blessings which is given by Allah SWT so that we can gather in this room in a healthy state. Thank you to the audience who served the time and a place to me in the opportunity this time.

Indonesia is a large country and so rich. But why indonesia has not been able to be developed countries until today? Maybe the country we don’t have human resources are good to be developed countries. I felt there is one thing that is a problem at the core of all the problems. All the problem we have come from corruption.

If we see from the definition of corruption it self is acts that deviate from a task or job title with the purpose to benefit them selves in the form of teasure and wealth. Some of us may not feel the impact of corruption directly, but our friend who live in the isolated areas feel it so much. They could not cross the river because no bridges, they did not go to school because do not have money, and still many other problems again. Though they have the same opportunity with the community in a big city. Then, how to cope with corruption in this nation?

Action to fight corruption must be dealt with seriously because we all expect corruption to be eroded vanished from our Country. For that we should together fight against corruption, for students learning improved attitude in order to become a better generation than now.

It might be the only speech that I can say, please sorry if there are wrong words. 
Wassalamualaikum Wr. W.b 

Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

Report of a visit to the expo education

Assalamualaikum guys, this time I want to give you a little information about every stand I visited at the education expo in the framework of the "dies natalis Untan-58".

1. Stand American Corner (AMCOR)
Stand amcor is showing off about how the situation that smelled of America. t
There are also English-language books, games and other.

2. Stand FMIPA
There are tools practicum, a craft that miniature flowers made of soap, there are three small robots, pets-animals reptiles that are preserved and inserted in the tube, and there are games also.

3. Stand UPT Bahasa
In this stand showcased books toefl and others.

4. Stand Mapala
There are tools for camping such as tents, mountaineering bags, and clothes for a hike.

5. Stand FKIP history from HIM SERA
There is a miniature of the Borobudur temple, and the books about the history and culture that Exist in Indonesia.

6. Stand Studio Data
In this stand we can take pictures there and later there in love pamphlets about the studio data that functions to analyze the data untan.

7. Stand Faculty of forestry
Here also there are animals reptiles are preserved and inserted in the bottle. There is also a replica of a bird made of wood and inlaid with a pattern like the clothes tribal days, musical instruments are also there which are particularly made of wood.

My future business is open a clothing store boutique

My future business is open a clothing store boutique

Assalamualaikum guys, back again on my blog weny agusteri one of the students of tanjungpura university FKIP economics education. How are you all I hope you are all healthy always wherever you are who read my blog.

Okay let's just skip to the topic of conversation this time is my future business, my ideals in the future if after Graduating from college or after graduation which of course I want to find a job first. says will find a job that fit with my major in in college namely economic education.

Where we in English after graduating it first became a teacher, second it can also work in a companies suppose a bank or other. Well after I managed to get a job later then I want to open your own business is to make your own business by opening a shop seam.

Where I open his store or so-called boutique from the results of my own work. The experience that I get on school time in vocational school, because I used at the time of smk majoring in fashion boutiques. Now I want to develop it by opening a clothing store and a factory to make clothes.

I myself also will lead in the factory, starting from design, make patterns, cut the material to the process to sew it. It's all still the plan yeah guy's let's pray may I aspire for the future. All that will be achieved if we always pray to Allah Swt who has created us and with a business enterprising in order to achieve, Amen. Well I guess that's it tang I tell you this time, thank you for your attention wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Sabtu, 29 April 2017

How To Make "Kuch Kuch Ho Tahu"

How To Make "Kuch Kuch Ho Tahu"

Assalamualaikum guys, how are you all I hope you are all healthy always yeah. The theme that I want to discuss this time is the tutorial, where is the tutorial it is a steps or the process in making something like that I want to show you this time is tutorial make food that is "kuch kuch ho tahu". Here are the ingredients and how at the moment it is. 

The ingredients that are in need :
1. know white (as much as we want)
2. flour seasoning 1 packet
3. Balado flour 1 packet
4. Fried oil

Steps of manufacture :

1. first we wash the first year until clean and after that the tofu is in small pieces forming a square or commonly called the pieces of the dice like the example below

2. next we sprinkle in the flour seasoning on the tofu

3. then heat the oil after that, we fried tofu that has been given the flour last

4. fry until it looks yellowish and drain the oil

5. the last step is to give the seasoning balado on him by the way in the sprinkle until evenly distributed

That's the last of the material and how to make "kuch kuch ho tahu" how do guys make it easy make it practical and that is sure good guys. Good luck hopefully useful for all of us until we meet again in my blog I hope you never get tired of visiting here, wassalamualaikum wr wb. 

Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask An Expert


Assalamualaikum guys, how are you today I hope you’re all alright yeah. See you again on my blog, this time I will discuss about the interview or ask an expert, I interview on this occasion is one of my best friends first time vocational direct course we to the profile below yeah guys.

Name of the informant : Ambar Trianjani
Address : Jl. Wonoyoso 1 Gg. 2 No 17
Age : 18 year
Origin of the school : Vocational High School Five PTK

In the beginning ambar pursue the field of sewing this is at the time of sitting in SMK she majored in sewing in that school. As for the expertise which he’s got now is it’s all because of the willingness of ourselves with the determination to learn that high and the ambar it selft is already very fond of drawing or designing clothes. A business that he own it’s been a year of the establishment shortly after the graduated school and the name of the label is the business “ Ambar Project “.

To his own capital was quite large because they have to buy a sewing machine that’s good enough to get a good quality too. Ambar do marketing how to in the introduction of mouth to mouth, social media such as instagram,

    And can also to the customers directly come to your own house to measure the body and discuss what models are suitable for consumers them selves.

Manufacturing process as usual tailor meet customers, determine the model, measure the body, make a pattern of his shirt, began to sew, and if there is a detail that other work until it is finished. Price for each shirt it depends on the level of difficulty sew it and a model of cunsumers, more complicated level of the diffculty the also increasing high price and the used to making his also very decisive from the price will in which later.

Like grief ambar to pursue the field is also a lot of all, like that because of his income which he can be of the business is quite large, sewing is also has become a hobby and surely while working was there is a sense of its own pleasure for him, it also can develop their own creativity but also remains in the limits of taste customers. Her grief there is also the time for them selves so less because of all time many in use for this job, but behind it all ambar remain enjoyed it with a full gratitude what had been in give allah swt him.
Conclusion of an interview I this time is Ambar one of the students who excel in the field of fashion is this and because it’s also I interview Ambar on an opportunity this time. He was also a man willing to work hard, willing to learn constantly, be diligent, be consistent in doing his job, and although he was still young proved from it all he managed to self thanks to the businesses that he has owned this.

That’s the result of my interview guys hopefully useful to us all, wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can't live without a mobile phone

Assalamu'alaikum everybody, I hope you are not bored ya visit on my blog. This time the theme of that I want to discuss is the "I can't live without a mobile phone" where we all know in today's age almost everyone have one of the communication tools that, although there is still a small part who do not have the goods. As the development of the times, the phone is now a lot of its kind based on the brand and functions.

I can't imagine how complicated if my life without a mobile phone is definitely very miss the information once. For example in a mobile phone that is sophisticated now a lot of apps that are useful like BBM and LINE that's where my friends and I share information about lectures if a lecturer does not enter the chairman of the class stay let me know via BBM or LINE so I included one of the students that is his house far from the campus could be assisted with that information.

Without a mobile phone also, I or you other certainly will be hard to communicate with your friends, parents, or families that much though we don't know what is he doing there whether good or bad things happen against them we're definitely difficult to figure it out. As for as the first phone is still not there, I can't imagine that life at that time send a message of course must write a letter first and sent through the post office need to take a long time one or two days even more then that message gets to the people that we addressed, can to imagine how hard it is we live without mobile phones want to send a message to hard.

Okay that's all my story guys, I'll see you back at my blog next Wassalamualaikum wr wb. 😊

Jumat, 24 Maret 2017

21 march 2017

On October 21 March 2017

Assalamualaikum everybody, this time I will be a bit about courses today is one of them course english economic where usually we learn it wasn't at campus rather in amcor untan. But because there is something well that day he said we can not be learned in amcor untan because there is a guest or whatever it is my lack of know well and miss dini told we are looking for the room at campus, it was no one can also in life and arrived at the end we being told that his studies moved into the room BCLC Untan or some sort of the room theater. After that we were given the task by miss early on the reading a book then write for any meaning from the book we read.

The book I read is "Teddy in Bed"

Moral Value :
The real healthy was very was expensive, because if we've got sick as Teddy natural he painful his feet and can only be lying in bed and always rely on his mother and father to take the goods whatever he wants.

Therefore while healthy take care of continue to our bodies in order to stay healthy, because if you've got sick it will be difficult people closest to us also especially mother and father we.